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A Flexible, Functional & Cost Effective PMR package 

We’ve focused on your feedback to create packages that offer the market leading ProScript Connect software. Our great value and quality hardware now comes with increased flexibility enabling you to tailor solutions to suit your business requirements, delivering efficiencies, and driving profitability for your pharmacy.

As a Numark member we want to reward you for spending with Phoenix by paying a 1% rebate when you reach £20k a month on your Phoenix spend*

The Numark Assist Connect package is a lease/hire scheme over a 48 month period with 0% APR. All payments are taken monthly by Numark via Direct Debit.

Our Numark Assist Connect Package

ProScript Connect delivers operational efficiencies such as:

Real Time Exemption checking (RTEC) enables you to check if a patient is exempt by digitally referencing the NHSBSA database as part of your dispensing process improving accuracy.

Ability to Multi-task - users can work on separate modules and tabs simultaneously saving time.

Identification of viable patients - enabling you to perform and capture interventions and track and plan appointments, for example, New Medicine Services or Flu vaccinations.

In addition to the standard license our package also includes the Pharmacy Access module:

GP Record Viewer gives you access to a secure read-only view of your patient’s limited health record enabling you able to make more informed decisions during the dispensing process have a better understanding of any potential risks – consequently improving patient safety.
Medicines Manager offers a secure way to send electronic repeat prescription requests to EMIS Web GP surgeries, therefore negating the need for staff to physically drop the prescriptions off.

Find out more about Pharmacy Access

This is all delivered via Windows 10 Professional 64bit Operating System delivering optimal performanceand ensures compliance to the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) criteria, such as the Warranted Environment Specification (WES).

Improved FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) offers greater speed and bandwidth allowing for faster download and upload speeds and an uninterruptable Power Supply will keep your hardware running in the event of a power outage.


Click here to learn more about hardware specifications

We recognise that you may want to add additional equipment, such as printers, scanners, and labellers or even a laptop or All-in-one compact system depending on the needs of your pharmacy.

These, along with other ProScript Connect modules or other solutions such as PharmAssist or Golden Tote can be ordered to ensure the package is tailored to suit the needs of your pharmacy.

Package price 

We are pleased to announce that through strength in our membership network, members can benefit from improved pricing when choosing Numark Assist Connect with PMR prices starting from £260 per month.

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*Month rebate excludes Lilly & Sanofi lines and is capped at £340 pm

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