You said, we did!

We’re on a mission to connect 68 million UK patients to 4600 dispensing points creating a best in class prescription and service proposition. Hey Pharmacist provides in intuitive, seamless customer experience that will grow and protect your business like never before.

In January, we launched the first step in our Hey Pharmacist journey with in-store sign-up. Understandably, you told us that you’d like to hear more about what’s happening next before making the firm commitment to using our product. The launch of in-store activation certainly got you talking and definitely got us thinking about how we shape the future plans of Hey Pharmacist with you, our members.

So, how will we get there?

Hey Pharmacist will always be evolving – the iterative processes we're applying to the product means we're continually improving the features and design based on our customer's ever changing wants and needs.  

The timeline below shows the exciting features being deployed over the coming months.

Hey Pharmacist Timeline Graphic

How does Hey Pharmacist benefit me?

So, Hey Pharmacist is great for patients, but how does it benefit you? Well, by having Hey Pharmacist in your store, you’ll be able to ensure local patients nominate your pharmacy, locking them in place and increasing customer loyalty. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of balancing digital solutions with the sense of community, by activating Hey Pharmacist in your store, you’ll be the perfect choice.

Not only does Hey Pharmacist increase customer loyalty, it also increases your stores efficiency. We know your time is valuable, and thanks to the intelligible Hey Pharmacist Portal, your patients will be able to track their order from start to finish, meaning you’ll be able to get on with the more important tasks than repeatedly answering the phone.

Do you want to get involved?

Your Numark account managers are on the road rolling out Hey Pharmacist to our members who want to be involved with Store Activation. Contact them directly to arrange a visit so they can tell you more about the service and its benefits.