Skyrise: TV Campaigns. Made Simple.


It’s been an exciting time for Hey Pharmacist with the TV ads premiering on televisions across England this May. But how will we know the ads will actually do their job at attracting new potential customers to visit your pharmacy? As exciting as it’ll be seeing ourselves on the big screen, the primary purpose is to grow our visibility, and promote community pharmacies such as your own.

Well, that’s where Skyrise comes in.

Skyrise is a cookie-less audience targeting solution powered by mobile network data. Basically, they help guarantee that our adverts are positioned in the best possible way for our target audiences to view, ensuring the best possible results come from the hard work put into this new and substantial project.

What does Skyrise measure?

Being cookie-less, Skyrise don’t rely on third party cookies to exchange data and personal information between advertisers. Instead, they look into insights based on a range of outputs. This includes:

Demographic information

Filtering the audience by demographic is an important first step to making sure that Hey Pharmacist is being advertised to the people who’ll have the most positive response. This means looking into age, gender, interests and income, as well as regional distribution.

Audience’s digital behaviour

This involves which channels the audience commonly watch, and what content they watch on that channel. It also explores how they’re consuming what their watching, such as which platform or device they’re using.

Location signals

Location signals means that Skyrise can find out where in England the optimal audience for the Hey Pharmacist adverts are, whether that be residential or non-residential, and figures out patterns with this data to make sure the ads will be shown more where the audience seem to view them most.

How do we know that it’s working?

So, now that we’ve got our audience in place. How will we know they’re ‘noticing’ the adverts? Thanks to Skyrise, who continuously test and learn to refine laydown, we can ensure that no stone is left unturned.

During this process, Skyrise Intelligence finds out further information such as the best time of day to show the adverts, which contextual approach is best, and even gets more specific with the audience location via their cluster-based geo application, such as the exact postal areas - which can be applied to the placement level.

Following the target audience being measured, it is then time to look into the brand itself, and how the audience feel about the Hey Pharmacist ads. Skyrise has partnered with On Device Research to measure the development of the Hey Pharmacist brand as a result of the ad campaign, from awareness to purchase intent. That way we can make certain that the target audience for Hey Pharmacist will be engaged and likely to become loyal patients.


So, it’s clear that we’re in safe hands with Skyrise. No advert is wasted, no audience member is forgotten, and no data is left unanalysed. Moving to TV is a huge step for us and we want to make sure we’re making the most of this opportunity - and with Skyrise by our side - we definitely are.