Open up your pharmacies potential with online service booking functionality


In August, we introduced you to the services booking feature which would allow patients to book a service without needing to contact their pharmacy. The plan being to make it easier than ever for patients to book a service from their local pharmacy, and for pharmacies to manage their service bookings with ease.

In October we partnered with HasHealth and began trailing our service bookings feature alongside the rollout of the flu vaccination service, giving patients the ability to book their flu jab via the Hey Pharmacist website instead of calling to book an appointment. With the feature fully integrated with the Hey Pharmacist Portal, members involved were able to stay up to date with service bookings.

However, our mission to make services simple doesn’t stop there…

Next steps for services

We have our very own app, so let’s use it! The next steps of our service bookings trial includes the implementation of the feature in our app, so your patients can book services in a few taps, meeting the standards customers have come to expect from the ease of ordering their medication. In order to integrate services, our app is having a full redesign to ensure that your patients can easily navigate the new services feature whilst also being able to continue to order their repeat prescriptions.

Never forget your prescriptions

Why you should opt in to service bookings

In the last few years, pharmacies have experienced a shift in funding from items to services, and this isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. We want to make sure our members get their share, making the most out of the services that you’re able to offer to patients.

Hey Pharmacist is all about making community pharmacy as convenient and accessible as possible, which is why we’ve branched out to pharmacy services. Your community is incredibly lucky to have access to a place that offers flu vaccinations, weight management service, blood pressure monitoring, face to face consultations, and more as an alternative to visiting their GP. By opting in to Hey Pharmacist’s service booking feature, you’ll be opening up the potential of your store to the masses. Patients may be hesitant to phone up to book a service, so being able to book in a few taps would be appreciated by all, and makes it easier than ever for you to stay up to date with bookings, as appointments can be managed from the Portal.

By opting in to service bookings, you’ll be freeing up to 20 hours a week, so you can focus on running your business and helping customers in your store.

Other benefits of opting in to the Hey Pharmacist bookings feature include:

  • Manage you and your teams service availability
  • Capture data and learn about your patients
  • Build a marketing database to manage patient messaging locally
  • User friendly dashboard
Cost structure