Hey Pharmacist... Store Activation Guidance


Introducing Hey Pharmacist

Hey Pharmacist is a repeat prescription ordering service exclusively developed for Numark members and their patients. Hey Pharmacist gives the patient the convenience of online ordering whilst also allowing you to keep the nomination and provide a better customer experience. 
We believe that the future of pharmacy is a combination of online convenience and face-to-face interaction. Our mission is clear we want Hey Pharmacist to become the most visible pharmacy service in the UK for your customers and the app of choice for you, our members.

How does Hey Pharmacist work?

Hey Pharmacist provides a secure connection to your GP. This allows your customers to order and view their repeat medication in real time. 
The service can be accessed using the web or through downloading the Hey Pharmacist app. People register for the service using their NHS login. There are currently 28 million people with an NHS login.

This means that people who register for the service; 

  • No longer need to visit a GP to order their repeat prescription. 
  • Are reminded when it’s time to order their medication 
  • Have the ability to order and manage medication on behalf of five members of their family or friends
  • Can start the registration journey in your pharmacy through scanning a QR code
  • Receive notifications telling them when their prescription has been authorised by the GP and when it’s been sent to your pharmacy.

How we compare to other online providers



How does Hey Pharmacist benefit my store?

One of the features we’ve built for members is the ability to sign up your patients using QR technology.
In-store sign up will:

  • Help to retain your current customers as their nomination will be locked into your store
  • Grow new customers through the marketing that will take place around Hey Pharmacist
  • Reduce time on specific tasks in store, i.e. phone calls and chasing GPs for prescriptions 
  • Put your customer in control of managing their medication
  • Improve customer experience through better communication on their prescription status 

Notifications during registration

During the registration process, your customers will receive several communications. These will be in the form of emails or text messages and will keep your customers updated on their registration process. You do not need to do anything – these messages are automated through the app.

Order Sent


Part Approval




Store activation Step-by-step 

Phone Step by Step
  1. When your patient scans the QR code on the marketing material, they will need to download the Hey Pharmacist app from either Google Play or the App store. If your patient has an android device, they will need a QR reader to scan the code. 
  2. Your patient adds in the ODS for your pharmacy. This step locks in the patient to your store.
  3. After entering in the ODS code, your patient will need to the confirm your pharmacy address. The technology in the app remembers your patients choice for when they’re ready to order.
  4. When a patient has confirmed their pharmacy choice, they will need to finish their registration journey. To do this they will need an NHS login. 
  5. Your patient uses their existing NHS login. If they don’t have an NHS login they can complete this step through the app.
  6. Once registered your patient can see their live repeat prescriptions. They simply order their medication when they’re ready. 
  7. At the checkout screen your patient will be presented with your pharmacy to collect their medication from.  
  8. The medication request will be sent to their GP for approval dropping straight into the GPs workflow.  

Once approved the patient will be notified by email

Notifications during ordering

Your patients will receive several communications during the ordering process to keep them updated on their order journey. 

order sent


part approval