Hey Pharmacist Portal


What is Hey Pharmacist…

Hey Pharmacist is a repeat prescription ordering service exclusively developed for Numark members and their patients. Hey Pharmacist gives the patient the convenience of online ordering whilst also allowing you to keep the nomination and provide a better customer experience. 

For your patients this means:

  • The ability to order their prescription 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Once registered their accounts link directly to the NHS spine and their GP
  • When they order their request drops into the GP workflow saving significant admin effort and time for the NHS
  • Provides real-time updates of the progress of the order
  • Online customer support for any technical queries

What is the Hey Pharmacist Portal?

If the Hey Pharmacist app & web is what the patients use to order the medicines, the Hey Pharmacist Portal is what pharmacies will use to communicate the progress of the fulfilment of that order. It will allow colleagues to easily send updates when an order is being worked on, or when it’s ready for collection. We know this is what patients want from a digital service - convenience and to be informed every step of the way.

And this is just the start, we are already developing a feature to allow members to offer local delivery to Hey Pharmacist patients, plus we are planning a pharmacy services booking feature for later in the year.

The Hey Pharmacist Portal is a web based tool that enables pharmacies to manage orders and patient communications for their Hey Pharmacist collection, repeat prescription patients.

Patients will be more informed about the status of their order and know when their order is being prepared and is ready to collect.

How does the Hey Pharmacist Portal benefit my store?

  • Improves patient experience by providing timely patient communications relating to their order status, right to their digital device.
  • Ability for the pharmacy to view upcoming patient orders that are with GP’s but not yet signed off.
  • Ability for the pharmacy to view and manage orders that have been approved by GP’s by their order status.
  • Ability to print orders to compare with the PMR and dispense.
  • Ability to view order history for patients/orders.

Our Approach

We have taken a user centric approach to research and designed a minimum viable product which we piloted in January 2022. 

Consulting with pharmacies and potential users of the tool to ensure that we understand their needs and pain points and have taken extensive care to consider the patient journey.

We have been building the tool using Agile Methodologies to ensure that we can move quickly, adapt to change and ultimately deliver a product early to market to gain feedback quickly and continually iterate on the product.

We have piloted the Portal in six further pharmacies during March to gather their feedback and prioritise any needs they have to deliver a viable product to market.

From the feedback received from the pharmacies we have prioritised features to add value to patients and pharmacies to ensure the best product we can deliver.