Daniel Forsdyke GT

Daniel Forsdyke from Woolpit Pharmacy discusses his experiences with Golden Tote

Having recently surpassed 100 sign ups, Golden Tote continues to go from strength to strength supporting pharmacies up and down the country by allowing them to maximise their potential in terms of dispensing efficiency and customer service levels. Semi-automated dispensing has already transformed the repeat dispensing process for many pharmacies and has enabled them to manage workload more efficiently, even during the busiest periods, and Golden Tote shows no sign of slowing down. Daniel Forsdyke has worked in the pharmacy industry for nine years, and now manages Woolpit Pharmacy in Suffolk, part of a dispensing doctor and community pharmacy hybrid.

As has been the case with every pharmacy in the country, the pandemic has meant that workload has become heightened and continuing to provide a comprehensive service for customers has become increasingly challenging: “It’s been a real case of backs to the wall. We’ve had to do everything we can to help everybody despite the challenges, and despite extending our turnaround time from 24-48 hours to 72 hours it has been difficult to fulfil that given the restraints placed on us.”

After an initial consultation period with the n.able team, Woolpit Pharmacy implemented Golden Tote in August 2021, and despite being in its infancy at Woolpit it has made a significant impact in terms of removing some of the strain and allowing the pharmacy to operate at a level similar to its pre-pandemic capacity.

“Having asked patients to allow us an extra day for turnaround, we were still struggling to maintain this level of service at some points. Golden Tote has allowed us to get back to where we were, and navigating our way through the day has become so much easier now that we have this system in place to support us.”

There were initial reservations when it came to installing Pro-script and Golden Tote after years of using other processes, but Daniel was very much open to the idea and felt that the time was right to receive support from an additional source. Golden Tote is currently in operation within Woolpit Pharmacy, and the intention is to branch out and implement it within the dispensing doctors also: “I was really excited and dying to get it in. We currently run a hybrid business combining dispensary and pharmacy, at roughly a 50/50 split, and at this point I feel as though we’d be doing ourselves a disservice by not expanding Golden Tote across the whole of our business.”

As well as helping the staff to cope with the additional demands, Golden Tote has allowed the team to spend time focusing on other elements of their day, particularly spending more time with customers and providing additional help and support where needed: “Golden Tote has been an absolute godsend in this regard. We have struggled with staffing levels at various points due to a number of the team being absent through sickness for a sustained period of time, but this system has meant that our patients wouldn’t otherwise have known about these struggles, and instead we have been able to keep our level of service at an optimum level. It came at the perfect time really.”

When asked if he would recommend Golden Tote to other pharmacies, Daniel’s answer was emphatic. “It has been nothing short of incredible. I actually have a number of colleagues who work elsewhere and I’ve invited them into the shop to take a look at the system and to talk them through some of the benefits. The whole team have been brilliant with me: Adam, Nicky, Julia and Grace. Whenever I have had a query the response has come within minutes rather than hours, and you get the sense that you know them on a personal level and can ask them questions at any time. The morale within the pharmacy has become markedly better as a result of implementing Golden Tote.”

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