• Personalised support ranging from overall policies through to the completion of all risk assessments and the issue of action plans.
  • On going advice and support from a personal advisor.
  • Provide SME's with an external Health and Safety competency.

Key Features

Implementation support

We will work with you to complete all required:

  • Health & Safety policies.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Control actions.

And then issue an Action plan.

We will advise you on any Health & Safety issues you may have. All information will be contained within your own bespoke Health & Safety manual.

Audit support

Provision of support to help you monitor and review the control actions and the safety management system including:

  • Regular off-site Technical Reviews to provide advice and support
  • Further visits to the business to audit and review the safety management system

Online support

Access to our online support service, which provides:

  • Template documents
  • Legislative updates
  • Guidance notes
  • Alerts
  • News

Ongoing support

The service is supported by:

  • The provision of Health & Safety Employee Handbooks
  • Liaison, as necessary, with any outside bodies on your behalf
  • On-site attendance in the event of any serious accident or incident

Indemnity support

  • An optional Idemnity providing you with cover in the event of a Health & Safety prosecution

All services are supported by a 24 hour / 365 day expert advice line.