MedLRN provide a suite of courses that deliver continuing professional development in skills for clinicians.

Comprising a multi-disciplinary team of registered health professionals the MedLRN philosophy reflects the current demand for face to face courses to improve professional knowledge and confidence amongst a multidisciplinary workforce. They believe in high-quality teaching and interactive learning reflecting contemporary health policy and practice.

The courses are intended for pharmacists, working in largely autonomous roles providing professional health services.

Teaching is delivered via a blended approach consisting of e-learning and face to face events by a range of specialist health professionals such as medical doctors, pharmacists and nurses selected for their expertise.

MedLRN can assist you depending on your needs:

Are you a community pharmacist qualified for more than two years but not a prescriber?

The problem:

Difficult to find DMP (shortage of doctors ; 2.8 doctors to 1000 patients) to become a prescriber and prescribing courses do not prepare pharmacist skills to diagnose, manage and treat disease.

The solution:

MedLRN Clinical Training Programme. You will receive training in clinical skills, assistance with university application admission and mentoring so pharmacists can utilise their prescribing qualifications.

Are you a contractor?

The problem:

The pharmacy funding cuts have reduced the profitability of the pharmacy business.

The solution:

MedLRN platinum programme will provide clinical skills training and business skills training to contractors so business owners can utilise the prescribing qualification to set up private services and increase revenue.

Are you a community pharmacist prescriber?

The problem:

Prescribing courses do not prepare pharmacists to diagnose, manage and treat disease.

The solution:

MedLRN Gold Programme will provide you with the clinical skills and mentoring so pharmacists can utilise their prescribing qualifications.

Partnering with Numark, MEDLRN offers their platinum package at a 10% discount, exclusively for Numark members. The package can be broken down separately into clinical and business components

The platinum course is suitable if you want to develop your clinical skills and set up and run; (1) a private clinic or (2) build your own business or (3) manage clinics in primary care. The course will also aid individuals looking to innovate in their practice.

What will I learn?

At the end of this course students will:

  • Develop the competencies required to set up and manage a business or private clinic and develop your personal brand.
  • Gain access to all the documentation and governance required to safely run a private clinic.
  • Be able to utilise this course to undertake your prescribing qualification. 
  • Understand how to market your services and increase sales.
  • Understand how to utilise the various marketing channels effectively such as social media, websites, podcasts, webinars etc.
  • Develop consultation skills in line with the highest standards.
  • Be able to undertake and interpret patient history and findings from the physical examination.
  • Explore current best practices and provide the theoretical and practical underpinning for
    management of a range of commonly encountered conditions.
  • Develop competencies in remote consultations skills.

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