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Enhanced Discount Scheme (Central Invoicing)

Enhanced Discounts

We've got you covered.

Through the strength of Numark’s membership, we are able to secure competitively priced products and services for our members, saving you the hassle of directly sourcing from providers. 

We have strong relationships with over 40 suppliers, saving you time and money across all aspects of the pharmacy business.

Add to all this the convenience of central invoicing, which we provide free to our members to remove the stress in dealing with many individual suppliers, saving you time and money in arranging and managing your requirements. We will consolidate your purchases and provide you with one statement and you will make one payment to us instead of several payments to multiple suppliers. 

Payment is due at the end of the month following this statement and will be taken by direct debit on the same day as your rebates are paid into your bank account, ultimately helping your cash flow.

Sign up to Enhanced Discounts

To get access to exclusive deals and central invoicing, you must be signed up to the Enhanced Discounts scheme.

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Enhanced Discount Suppliers

See full list of suppliers, with information on discounts and benefits to members, in the Enhanced Discounts scheme.

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Enhanced Discounts Supplier Matrix

Download the Enhanced Discounts Supplier Matrix as a quick guide of suppliers and discounts available as part of the scheme.

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