In Need Retail Therapy 1
Retail is vital to any fully functioning pharmacy. Your retail space is the showcase of your entire service and has a huge impact on customers.

To help you maximise the potential of your retail space, we have created a comprehensive range of support named ‘Retail Excellence’.

‘Retail Excellence’ can help you:

  • Display a range of top performing products including leading brands and own label.
  • Increase your knowledge of key merchandising techniques and their benefits.
  • Allocate the right amount of space to each category, subcategory and brand.
  • Increase your knowledge of the core pharmacy categories.
  • Maximise customer appeal through calculated pharmacy layout.
  • Keep on top of pharmacy maintenance to ensure a smooth running retail business.
  • Launch new products with maximum customer appeal and interest.
  • Create a solid promotional programme using available resources from Numark.

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Core Range

A comprehensive list of the top selling 2,500 lines within independent pharmacy.


A visual diagram showing how products should be displayed on a fixture using key merchandising techniques to maximise sales.

Space Allocation

Detailed percentage guides helping you to allocate appropriate shelf space to each category and subcategory.