Below is a collection of tweets designed to save you time in composing tweets and also to prompt you as and when relevant dates for your customers are approaching and therefore when you have an opportunity on Twitter.

The below revolves around health awareness dates, potential services you may offer and other general dates for you diary.

Please note these are suggested tweets and as such are not suitable for all members.

Things to consider

  • Look to add imagery to your tweets as this will likely increase your exposure significantly.
  • You can edit the tweet before publishing – add your personal touch and that unique personality that helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Tweet at the right time - during peak times you are far more likely to make an impression.
  • If you tweet is focused around ordering a product (and you have an ecommerce platform) or accessing specific content then add the link to your tweets to make your followers end goal as easy as possible.
  • The below list is not a definitive one, each pharmacy is different and as such you should consider adding appropriate dates/events for you.

Take a look at our 'Making the most of Twitter - 10 top tips' article for other tips.

To tweet you can simply click the button below each template. If not already logged into Twitter you will be prompted to do so.

Health Awareness Dates

Allergy Awareness Week - April

Don’t let hayfever get the better of you this year.

Great deals on all your remedies.


No smoking Day - March

What better time to give up than NoSmokingDay.

Pop in and ask us how we can help.


Stoptober - October

It’s time - Stoptober is here.

Pop in and find out how we can help you quit.


National Smile Month - May

Could you improve your oral health?

Pop in and get involved in


Get your summer smile with National Smile Month.

Come and take a look at our oral healthcare deals.


National Eczema Week - September

It’s National Eczema Week and we are here to help with any queries or help you may need.

Pop in and give us a try.


s For Your Diary


Christmas is fast approaching!

Pop in to see our great range of


It’s nearly upon us!

Visit us for some great last minute #XmasGifts


Brrrrrrrr – it’s getting cold out there.

Worry not – we are on hand with all of your winter remedies.


Late December/January

Our January Sale has arrived!

Grab yourself a bargain. Stock is limited so be quick!


Early January

Looking to start a new healthy lifestyle this year?

Pop in and we will be happy to help.



Are you all prepared for your summer holiday?

Suncare, travel sickness, first aid – we’ve got you covered.



Have you seen our ‘Back to School Deals’?

Great savings for you and your little ones.




Take a minute or 2 to beat the flu.

Ask us about our flu vaccination service.



750,000 people in the UK have undiagnosed diabetes - could you be one of them?

Ask about our diabetes screening service.



Are you travelling abroad soon?

Our pharmacist can give essential travel vaccinations.


Stop smoking

Do you need support to stop smoking?

Ask us about our stop smoking service.



Need anti-malarial medication?

Ask us about protecting you and your family from malaria.


Delivery service

Regular repeat? We can deliver your medicine to you at your home.

Pop in to find out more.


Medicines use review

Want to better understand why you are taking your medicines?

Call in anytime for a FREE medicines use review.


Any queries about how you should be taking your medicines?

Ask us how our FREE medicines use review will help.


Experiencing side effects from your medication?

Ask us how our FREE medicines use review will help.




Not feeling too good? Can’t get in the doctors?

Why not pop in and see us for a discreet consultation.


Loyalty Scheme

Got one of our loyalty cards?

Don’t forget to use your completed cards for £3 off your next purchase!


Managing your allergy

Have you got an allergy? Are you managing it correctly?

Come and see us for discreet advice.