Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the UK with 32 million users, compared with 20 million Twitter and 19 million LinkedIn users1. It therefore has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool to reach more customers.

With this in mind I have created 10 simple tips to help you maximise the impact of your pharmacy Facebook page and build yourself a valuable following.

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1. Use an engaging cover photo

Your cover photo offers a great opportunity to engage with users and encapsulate what you are all about. You may choose to go with an image of your pharmacy fascia or maybe a photograph of staff liaising with customers. It could be something as simple as some art worked text that states ‘Delivering first class healthcare’.

Quick tip – Image size should be 828 pixels (w) x 315 pixels (h).

Whatever you opt for it is imperative that the photo you use is good quality and not fuzzy, distorted or dark as this can portray an unprofessional image and harm the trust in your brand.

Also, avoid cramming too much information or imagery in as this can distort the message.


2. Use a noticeable profile picture

Your profile picture appears in the news feed of your followers as well as alongside any comments you make, replies to comments and within your company page. It therefore has a huge influence on user’s perceptions of your pharmacy.

Try and make your picture recognisable so users can easily identify it as you. If you have a company logo that you regularly use this would be ideal, otherwise you could go with a professional photograph of your pharmacy team.

3. Link to your website

Your Facebook page offers a great opportunity to increase visits to your website which in turn can help drive customers into your pharmacy.

Below your cover picture on your page there is a blue ‘Add Button’ option, click here and you can add a link to your pharmacy website, online shop or app if you have one.


4. Add details to your ‘About’ section

Quick tip – Ensure you populate the ‘Story’ field as this will appear in a prominent position on your pharmacy page.

The ‘About’ section can be found underneath your profile picture and is often the first port of call for any users looking at your page. With this in mind it is a good idea to spend ten minutes filling in the information here such as an overview of what your pharmacy offers and
pharmacy contact details.

Why not include details of services offered in your ‘Story’ to really sell your pharmacy to prospective customers. This section is an opportunity to promote your pharmacy and if users can easily find the information they want they are more likely to ‘Like’ your page and see subsequent ‘posts’ from you.

5. Use photos and videos

Quick tip – Videos now auto play when users are scrolling through their news feed and are often watched without sound. With this in mind ensure you add any key messages to the text part of your post.

Using visual content in your posts is critical to get noticed and increase engagement with customers and potential customers.

Pictures stand out more than a simple text status and are easily digestible for users. Videos are an effective way of communicating a story or explaining a process and helps capture your sense of humour and build relationships.

It is important to ensure your images and videos are clear, clean and reflect the professional nature of your business. Try posting images of your team, services or new displays as this will help your followers ‘get to know you’. Or maybe post a picture of your service panel to let potential customers know what your pharmacy has to offer.

Why not post a regular ‘Meet the team’ video series to help build relations and trust within your local community.

6. Monitor your page

Notifications can be found at the top of your page and are an easy way to see how others are interacting with you.

To avoid frustrating your connections (potential customers) it is important you acknowledge somebody who connects with you, in a timely manner. As a result you will likely see an increase in followers and likes.


7. Pin important posts

Quick tip – You can only have one pinned post at any time.

Your Facebook page publishes any new posts at the top of your page and therefore a particularly important or impactful post can quickly become old news.

By pinning a post to your page it will be fixed as the top post until you remove it and therefore be the first message any visitors see.

Why not pin a post around your monthly promotions for the duration of that month to encourage footfall in your pharmacy or sales on your online shop.

A pinned post can be identified by the blue pin image circled above. To remove a pinned post simply click the ··· icon and select ‘Unpin
from top of page’.

8. Schedule activity


Posting regularly is important to increase and maintain your following; however in the busy pharmacy environment it’s not always achievable to find the time.

Websites such as Hootsuite allow you to build your posts for multiple social media platforms and dictate exactly when you want them to be posted to followers, therefore saving you time and also helping you plan and balance the type of content you post.

Try scheduling posts for future healthcare awareness dates to try and increase awareness of any activity you are doing and therefore footfall in your pharmacy.

Search Hootsuite to find out more.

9. Add links behind profile and cover photo

Quick tip – Click on the image and then click on ‘Add a description’ to add your link.

Users will often click both your cover photo and profile picture. Adding a link back to your website or a particular page of your website will help those interested to easily find out more about you and engage with your offering e.g., add ‘Learn more about our pharmacy – (Add your website address)’


10. Use hashtags

Quick tip – Hashtags must be one word and cannot include punctuation or special characters such as £ or *.

Hashtags allow you to find posts, based on the subject matter and therefore allows users to take part in larger linked discussion.

The next time you run a healthcare campaign in your pharmacy why not utilise hashtags to increase your reach within the local community e.g., if you run a smoking cessation campaign use hashtags such as #StopSmoking and #NoSmokingDay.


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1 https://revive.digital/blog/most-popular-social-media-2018/