Remote Consultations

On the day of declaration, all registered pharmacy professionals working at the pharmacy have satisfactorily completed the CPPE remote consultations skills e-learning (note there is no e-assessment for this e-learning). 

The contractor must, where relevant and not already undertaken, update their standard operating procedures (SOPs) in relation to the provision of remote consultations.

Band 1 = 0.25

Band 2 = 3.33

Band 3 = 4.17

Band 4 = 5.00

Band 5 = 5.83

Band 6 = 6.67

The points allocation for meeting the Digital Domain ranges from 0.25 to 6.67 and will be dependent on your total prescription volume for 2020/2021.  Each point will be worth between £67.75 and £135.50 and so a contractor can earn between £16.93 and £903.78

The aim of this criterion is for all pharmacy professionals to be able to safely undertake remote consultations, building on existing consultation skill when undertaking consultations via video and over the phone.

The NHS Long Term Plan will increase the range of digital health tools and services available.  People will be able to seek health information and support online and choose whether they speak to a healthcare professional on the phone or in person.  Although the use of phone and video consultations had occurred for some time, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a shift towards remote consultation methods to ensure the safety of the clinician and patient.  Because of this shift in service delivery for some patients, it is important that community pharmacies are able to provide high quality remote consultations.

When making a declaration for this criterion, the following information must be reported on the MYS application:

Numark have produced a training log to help capture PQS training completed by staff at the pharmacy, see below.

Training Log