What is the Health + Pharmacy Initiative?

The Health + Pharmacy initiative adopted the Healthy Living Pharmacy ethos (in England) which was established in November 2013, where pharmacies promote health improvement and encourage the public to be involved in their own self-care. Pharmacies who work towards achieving the ‘Health + Pharmacy’ award will need to demonstrate and evidence that they meet a range of quality standards.

It is envisaged that pharmacies will become recognised with this award from the public as being somewhere they will consistently receive high quality advice and support from trained health care staff concerning their own and their family’s healthcare needs.

“It is worth doing for the process of completing the pharmacy audit checklist alone. Anything that makes you take a closer look at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it is valuable.”

Eoghan O’Brien
Bannside Pharmacy Ltd
Accredited the award for Health + Pharmacy

How do we achieve the award?

You would start the process by nominating a staff member to become a Health and Wellbeing Adviser who must attend the mandatory NICPLD two day live training and complete the associated distance learning course. The Health and Wellbeing Adviser will play a key role in making Health + Pharmacy happen and will be responsible for the setting up and maintenance of a health promotion area in the pharmacy.

You will be required to assess your pharmacy using the Health + Pharmacy quality standards. Once the standards have been met, you will then need to arrange an accreditation visit which will be conducted by a Health + Pharmacy Pharmacist Assessor.

In order to be successful, you need a highly dedicated pharmacy team being fully engaged to ensure consistency in both health promotion information and the way it is delivered to customers.

What are the benefits?

As well as promoting public health in your community, the scheme looks at what pharmacies already have in place and allows them to see what other opportunities are available to deliver against local health needs.

Other increased benefits seen by pharmacy contractors and their teams include:

  • An increase of public awareness of health and wellbeing services
  • By up skilling your staff they will have knowledge of health topics, making them a valuable team member in delivering high quality health interventions
  • Enhances credibility for the pharmacy with other health care professionals which will give you a better level of engagement
  • Enhanced focus on pharmacy services and local health needs
  • By demonstrating the services you offer to future commissioners could open up more opportunity for more services to be commissioned
  • Maximise all income and revenue via increased footfall

“Involving two members of staff as champions helps empower and motivate them, which in turn rubs off on the rest of the team. The customers appreciate this too.”

Eoghan O’Brien
Bannside Pharmacy Ltd
Accredited the award for Health + Pharmacy

What are the requirements?

To become a Health + Pharmacy, you are required to demonstrate the following:

  • Nominate a pharmacist and at least one health and wellbeing adviser (non-pharmacist) to attend the live training
  • Health and wellbeing adviser to complete the distance learning course
  • A readily available consultation room to deliver services
  • Dedicated Health Promotion Area where you can display and promote health related topics to engage with the community
  • Meet the 16 quality standards which the Health + Pharmacy Pharmacist Assessor will assess you on
  • Show evidence of successful community engagement

How will the public recognise a Health + Pharmacy?

You will be provided with branding materials which will clearly identify the pharmacy as being a Health + Pharmacy. There will also be a public awareness campaign which includes events and press releases.

Find out more about the initiative

Below is a brief outline of the journey of the stages you need to work through to become accredited as Health + Pharmacy.

Each of the stages are explained below:

Stage 1: Introduction of Health + Pharmacy to your team

Stage 2: Nominate a Health and Wellbeing Adviser to attend training with nominated pharmacist

Stage 3: Assess your pharmacy

Stage 4: Pre accreditation checklist

Stage 5: Confirmation of Health + Pharmacy request

Stage 6: Notification of Health + Pharmacy accreditation visit

Stage 7: Accreditation visit & accreditation visit reports

Stage 8: Accreditation Panel & notification of the decision made by the panel

Download 'Health+Pharmacy journey'