n.able Meet The Team – Grace Cooper


n.able is a consultancy service which has been created to help you grow as a business and achieve your goals. Grace Cooper was the first Consultancy Implementer to join the n.able team, and she has relished the opportunity to work in a customer-facing role which involves making a difference to businesses across the country each day.

I have worked with PHOENIX for 10 years, starting at the age of 16 with Rowlands Pharmacy in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. I worked my way up by completing my medicine counter assistant course, then my dispensary assistant course, and I am now qualified as a pharmacy technician and registered on the GPHC register. Ten years on, I am now in the process of completing my ACPT course to finish my pharmacy training. I was the first trial site to use Golden Tote from the very beginning in April 2020 and I loved using it from the word go.

The impact it made to us while working in the pharmacy day in day out was massive, the increase in safety and speed of work I could get through in a day was amazing. From using it myself for months and feeling the benefits of Golden Tote, I was drawn to joining the implementation team. I wanted to help other pharmacies in the same way it helped me. I also love training people on Golden Tote; having trained all members of staff in my base branch. I wanted to continue doing this in the independent pharmacies.

I started working with the n.able team 18 months ago, and my role involves ensuring that I review the SOPs and training materials every 6 months or if there are any changes or software updates. I have helped train new members of our team with my 10 years of pharmacy knowledge and my own hands-on experience with using Golden Tote in branch. I focus on the professional elements of the proposition, for example I successfully implemented Golden Tote into the first dispensing doctors in April 2021.

I enjoy meeting new people all over the UK, each pharmacy is different in their own way and I love seeing and understanding how they work, as everyone is so different. It is such a wonderful experience on day two of training, when demonstrating how to use Golden Tote and the team see the benefits straight away and appreciate using it as much as I do.

My confidence has massively grown since becoming part of the implementation team, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have loved every minute. I was used to the same routine for nine years working in Rowlands Pharmacy, however there is now a real sense of adventure working with this team and there is no such thing as a routine! I have explored the UK, met some amazing people and keep learning as I go. Taking the first step was hard but I am so glad I have, there is no going back I am so excited for the future.

In my opinion my biggest win since supporting the team has been helping the Shackleton’s with their Golden Tote installation, providing support for the team with some big changes of a new dispensary and moving to EMIS and having Golden Tote. They have an amazing team that work so hard and it was such a pleasure to complete the training with them. 

Moving forwards with n.able I hope to be more involved and engage with customers to ensure they understand the proposition fully and provide support to them.

Outside of work I enjoy walking along the beautiful Welsh coastline and exploring new places. I like a good murder book and sewing has always been a passion of mine. Most of all I love visiting my friends and family, making memories is very important to me.

n.able is designed to power up your pharmacy and is available to all Numark members. The service will allow you to maximise the potential of your business by identifying and addressing the challenges that each individual pharmacy faces. You can find out more about n.able or arrange an installation by visiting numarknet.com/10957 or by calling the team on 0800 783 5709.