“I’m looking forward to seeing where n.able can take us to in the near future.” Ravi Kareer – Pearl Chemist, Leicester

n.able is a bespoke consultancy service available to all Numark members to help boost performance in all aspects of your pharmacy and business. Our core focus at Numark is to deliver as much support as possible from a commercial perspective, to allow you to provide exceptional levels of service for your customers, and our guidance and recommendations are transforming pharmacies across the country as a result.

Pearl Chemist in Leicester was founded in 1987, and is currently managed by Ravi Kareer who has been in the pharmacy industry for 8 years. He started his journey in pharmacy as an apprentice in a separate branch across the road, and now looks after an experienced team who work hard to serve the local community.

Pearl were made aware of n.able when they had Golden Tote implemented in Feb 2021, and Ravi was keen to find out more about how it could help him and his team. “It sounded interesting. n.able is a new proposition and at first I didn’t fully understand the concept, but once it was explained to us how it could benefit the business we jumped at the chance of having them involved. We were very eager to see how it could support us in the long term.”

The n.able team visited the pharmacy late last year where they spent the day with us. During the visit, the n.able team asked a lot of question, dug into our processes, witnessed how we operate, whilst really drilling down in to detail,

Following the visit n.able compiled a comprehensive report detailing their findings our business, highlighting areas where we were doing well but also making some recommendations. The recommendations ranged from general housekeeping, a full OTC category reviews through to NHS stock holding and overall processes linking in to Golden Tote utilization.

Initial findings from a retail viewpoint were that approximately 40% of floor space was dedicated to OTC, operating with a one way system to help reduce pilfering of OTC lines. All of the categories were well stocked and the standards across the retail area were satisfactory, and our recommendations were to conduct a review of the layout and stock holding to maximise the space that the team were working with.

Our senior management team met with n.able to discuss the report in detail, agreeing next steps and looking at not only the short term quick wins put how the recommendations could support out longer term vision.

Ravi was pleased with the consultation and work is ongoing to implement the necessary changes and enhance the capabilities of the branch: “The n.able team have been extremely helpful. It has given us a great insight into our business from an outside perspective, including some key areas where we can look to improve things and some interesting ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing where n.able can take us to in the near future.”

Some of the key changes that were pitched to Pearl Chemist are already underway, and the n.able team have maintained communication with Ravi and his staff to work towards the objectives. Priority areas include creating a patient-friendly consultation room, increasing NHS and private service activity, increase Golden Tote usage and introducing a daily prescription claim process.

Want to power up your pharmacy? Speak to the n.able team to arrange a consultation and find out how you can maximise the potential of your business. For more information call the team on 0800 783 5709 or email n.able@numark-central.co.uk