Q: A patient has brought a prescription in for Forticare liquid cappuccino and has asked if they can have cappuccino and peach & ginger flavours

A: If only one flavour has been ordered by the prescriber then the pricing authority will only reimburse for one flavour regardless of how many different flavours are supplied and endorsed. The contractor could supply mixed flavours providing the prescription is written in one of the following ways:

  • Forticare liquid (Flavour Not Specified)
  • Forticare liquid (assorted flavours)
  • Forticare liquid (mixed flavours)
  • Forticare liquid (various flavours)

e.g.: Forticare liquid (Flavour Not Specified) 500 ml 4 x 125ml bottles

To allow more than one flavour to be prescribed on an electronic prescription the “assorted flavours” electronic endorsement must be applied by the prescriber- this is usually a tick in the AF box on the prescriber system.

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