Mylan has put measures in place to limit the supply of Epipen® 300mcg Auto-injectors to a maximum of two per prescription following manufacturing shortages.

Mylan’s manufacturing partner Meridian Medical Technologies, a subsidiary of Pfizer, has experienced recent manufacturing challenges which has resulted in interruptions in the production of both Epipen® 300mcg and Epipen® 150mcg Adrenaline Auto-injectors (AAIs).

To help manage product availability on an on-going basis until a steady supply resumes, Mylan has assigned a prescription only process for Epipen® 300mcg, meaning that patients will be able to obtain up to a maximum of two Epipen®300mcg AAIs per prescription.

This process does not apply to Epipen® 150mcg at the present time

Pharmacies that are presented with a prescription for EpiPen® 300mcg  Auto-Injectors should send the anonymized prescriptions to Alliance Healthcare’s prescription validation service, either by fax (0330 332 8126) or email ( Please include your Alliance Healthcare account number when placing your order.

Further information can be found on the Epipen website