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Appointment notes

Document the initial discussions with the care home when establishing a pharmaceutical service.

Filesize: 78.28Kb

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Care homes support pack

Comprehensive advice about care homes.

Filesize: 460.07Kb

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Care Homes Visit E-form

This E-form works best with Google Chrome or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Filesize: 798.33Kb

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Care Homes Visit form

Use for 'medicines audit' or 'pharmacist advice visit' to care homes.

Filesize: 158.57Kb

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Contact details form

Helps the care home and pharmacy teams to find the appropriate person to contact when they have a query.

Filesize: 76.36Kb

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Equipment loan agreement

Formalises ownership of any equipment provided by the pharmacy to the care home

Filesize: 78.71Kb

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Food Supplements and Additives Record

Care homes template.

Filesize: 55.37Kb

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Intro letter to care home

Sample letter to edit to send to care homes in your area to offer services.

Filesize: 14.17Kb

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Medicines handling policy

Helps care home meet regulations requiring policies for all areas of the medicines handling processes.

Filesize: 260.86Kb

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Post dispensing checklist

Checks before sending medicines to care homes.

Filesize: 76.93Kb

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PRN MAR chart

PRN 'when required' Medication Record.

Filesize: 55.76Kb

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Quick care homes guide checklist

Monthly summary of procedures for the pharmacy and care home to ensure safe and effective supply of medicines.

Filesize: 144.57Kb

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Residents updated details form

Care homes template.

Filesize: 56.04Kb

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Service Level Agreement

Completion of this agreement formalises the terms and conditions of the pharmaceutical service.

Filesize: 34.05Kb

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Starting up your Monitored Dosage System

Actions required by both the care home and pharmacy during the four weeks before starting a new service.

Filesize: 282.72Kb

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Topical Medicines Application Record

Care homes template.

Filesize: 207.4Kb

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