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Want to save time and increase your profit margins? Now the solution is at your fingertips.

Introducing PharmAssist – the smart way to control your buying and save you pounds on the huge tail of products you dispense but don’t get time to price check.

“We know we’re guaranteed to get the cheapest products. Since we have used the system it has freed up my time to do what is important and that is looking after the patients, not chasing pennies.”

Tracy Clerehugh
Greenhill Pharmacy, Sheffield

Does this sound familiar?

  • Lack of real control over buying.
  • Increased time pressures.
  • Increased threat and competition from multiples.
  • Would like the opportunity to have more time to earn from services.

In an environment which demands more for less, we need to seek out new, innovative ways to help relieve pressure, free up time and increase profitability.

That’s where Numark’s partnership with PharmAssist can help.  PharmAssist is the electronic buying solution that offers you control, compliance and drives profitability for your purchasing - saving you time while increasing your profits.

Now there’s no need to spend hours trying the get the cheapest price in the market...PharmAssist will do it all for you:

  • Increasing your profit margin.
  • Saving up to £600 per month through pack optimisation.
  • Giving you the buying power of a managed chain whilst maintaining your independence.

Key PharmAssist features:

  • You choose the suppliers and the system will produce an ordering cascade tailored to your selection (whether price based or compliance).
  • Once you place your order, PharmAssist will select the cheapest supplier for each product and cascade the order where required.
  • PharmAssist will supply a restriction file that will pick the optimum pack size for your order.
  • Manages generic, parallel import and surgical products.
  • Takes into consideration % discount from full line suppliers.
  • Ensures you are not being charged higher prices for PIs than UK products.

The table below illustrates pack size optimisation savings based on average dispensing volumes.

System finds the lowest cost price then orders the most cost effective pack size automatically.

“PharmAssist has made us highly competitive with other local pharmacies. We have found we very rarely encounter out of stock issues, so when we are faced with patients that need prescriptions fulfilling urgently, we are more than prepared to help. This has definitely increased our customer base and patient loyalty.”

Una Harding
Aintree Pharmacy, Aintree

Benefits to your business:

  • Proven to increase pharmacy margin.
  • Automatically selects the most cost effective pack size to maximise profitability.
  • Pack optimisation could save you up to £600 per month.
  • Automates buying process saving on average one hour per day which could allow you to do three MURs or NMSs, that’s an extra £84 per day.
  • Increases Numark rebates by helping you dispense the brand when they are cheaper than the generic as part of the brand support scheme.
  • The software will track down a PI, if available, from your chosen wholesalers making sure that you are not being charged more for it than the UK product.
  • Reduces the risk of paying over the odds for lower volume lines.
  • Gives you complete control, optimising your buying for every product on every order.

What does it cost?

£150 per month for the service plus a one-off £150 set up fee – you could more than make your money back through pack optimisation alone! As a Numark member, we will pay the £150 a month if you have Numark Assist PMR.

To find out more contact your local Pharmacy Development Manager or call 0800 783 5709*.

*Calls may be recorded for training and quality control purpsoes.