You will have noted that the number of price concessions has increased significantly of late with over 190 agreed for April, May and June combined.

Given the extent of recent cutbacks in the pharmacy sector it is of paramount importance that you are not left to foot the bill for inflated generic drug prices.

This is why PharmAssist have developed the Drug Tariff Review feature to play an integral part in reporting drugs that are priced above the Drug Tariff.

Once authorised by you, PharmAssist automates an email to the PSNC/CPS to report any over Drug Tariff price orders. This ensures we have maximum impact on concession pricing and therefore you get reimbursed where appropriate.

In June, the PharmAssist Drug Tariff review system notified the PSNC/CPS of over 20,000 above Drug Tariff lines.

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What is the Drug Tariff Review feature?

The Drug Tariff Review feature advises you of any generic products that are above the current Drug Tariff price via the PharmAssist website.

You can choose to:

  • Warn - will display a warning within PharmAssist.
  • Block - will remove the product from your cascade so you won’t be able to order it through PharmAssist.

Settings can be applied for the entire list or you can manually change the settings for individual products.

If email notifications are enabled, you will receive an email when:

  • a line is marked as ‘warn’ and the stock will be supplied from an over Drug Tariff supplier.
  • a line is marked as ‘block’ and stock wasn’t available from any supplier under Drug Tariff price.

The Drug Tariff Review feature can be located on the PharmAssist Customer Portal. You will find more details in the ‘Help’ section of the Drug Tariff Review.