The Drug Tariff Review feature has become an indispensable tool for many pharmacies due to it’s ability to put you in complete control of how you order above tariff lines.

PharmAssist understand that controlling costs has never been more important to your pharmacy as the uncertainty around COVID-19 and funding cuts continue, along with an increasing number of over tariff lines.

Fulfilling your patient’s scripts and offering exceptional services is critical to retaining nominations and of course build on the growing reputation of pharmacy being the nations health ally.

In response to feedback from members, PharmAssist have developed the Drug Tariff Review to allow you greater flexibility and even more control of your purchasing, so you can get back to what you do best.

Setting your over tariff threshold

You can now let the system process over tariff lines based upon the percentage above tariff.

If you are comfortable to order lines that are up to 20% over tariff, simply set your threshold and the system will automatically process these lines as ‘warn only’ and will ‘block’ lines that are over 20%.

Should you still want to apply blocks or warnings on particular lines you can override the default instructions to ensure the system treats these exactly how you want it to.

This development will help not only help maintain continuity of supply by processing selected lines without disruption, but also add time back into your day as you aren’t required to make decisions on each and every over tariff line.

What is the Drug Tariff Review feature?

The Drug Tariff Review feature advises you of any generic products that are above the current Drug Tariff price via the PharmAssist website.

You can choose to:

- ‘Warn’ - will display a warning within PharmAssist.

- ‘Block’ - will remove the product from your cascade so you won’t be able to order it through PharmAssist.

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