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Increase your nominations by becoming a Smart Pharmacy

  • England

We have partnered with Patient Access to offer you a comprehensive pharmacy solution for your Patient Access customers. Smart pharmacy will allow Patient Access users to receive an end to end prescription tracking service, giving them a similar experience to what digital pharmacies can offer.

Smart Pharmacy is part of Patient Access for Professionals, which will not only help you drive pharmacy services, but now will also help you retain and grow your Patient Access prescription customers.

There will no longer be any need for Patient Access customers to call or turn up to your pharmacy before a prescription is ready and they will also be kept informed if the dispensing of one or more of their medications is delayed.

Did you know – over 50 million items a year are ordered through Patient Access, that’s roughly 5% of the repeat prescription market and therefore potentially 5% or more of your patients. This figure is continuing to grow as more and more people utilise digital technology to order their repeat prescriptions.

Benefit from a fully managed marketing campaign

Once you’ve become a Smart Pharmacy, their marketing team will focus their efforts on generating more customers and bookings for you. They will contact all eligible Patient Access users in your local area, informing them that by nominating your pharmacy they’ll be able to start tracking the status of their repeat prescription orders.

Promote your pharmacy services

Smart Pharmacies get their own fully-branded profile page on Patient Access where you can list your branch information. This includes your range of PGDs and services which users can book directly within the app.

The demand for digital technology

We live in an era where technological advances mean smart technology is automating more and more areas of people’s lives, from turning a thermostat up or locking house doors at night, to playing music with a simple voice command or sending a notification when produce in a fridge is close to its expiration date.

This has been further heightened of late, with the COVID-19 pandemic meaning many people have been forced out of their comfort zone. An increased number of people have placed trust in digital technologies, but have become significantly more confident in using new platforms such as video conferencing software or ordering shopping via a smart phone app.

As such, an increasing number of patients now expect to be able to track their prescription and check its current status digitally, like they do any other order they place.

Don’t get left behind - join your customers in embracing digital technology so you can get your fair share of nominations.

Please note - Smart Pharmacy is only available to members in England who are using a ProScript Connect system such as Numark Assist Connect.

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