Helping you work closer with your local pharmacies to improve patient care.

We understand that the ability to be able to work closely with pharmacies in your area is essential. Which is why we’re working to make interoperability amongst different care settings a reality.

"Requesting repeats with Medicines Manager is a breeze; combined with the benefits of EPS 2 it saves me trips to the surgery. All round a fantastic and long awaited solution to GP/pharmacy interoperability, where the patient, surgery and pharmacy teams all benefit."

Jignesh Patel
Rohpharm Pharmacy in Plaistow, East London

Pharmacy Access combines two different elements to help you work closer with your local pharmacies using the ProScript PMR software including;

Medicines Manager

A secure way for community pharmacies using ProScript to send electronic repeat prescription requests to your practice. Easily manage the repeat prescription process and free up time for your practice and patients.

GP Record Viewer

Pharmacies can access a secure read-only view of your patient’s limited health record. With access to this vital information at the point of care, pharmacists are able to make more informed decisions during the dispensing process and allows them to have a better understanding of any potential risks – improving patient safety.

Secure - Information can only be shared once a sharing agreement is in place and patients have provided documented consent ensuring all parties understand who has access to the information. Access to your patient’s records is governed by strong, role-based controls enforced by NHS Smartcards.

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