An EPoS system designed for the pharmacy retail setting ensuring all point of sale transactions are handled and recorded efficiently and securely.

Track staff performance

MultEPoS features a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system, giving each member of staff individual login credentials. Users can then be assigned based on their required level of access. RBAC also allows staff efficiency and performance reports to be run at the click of a button.

Maximise the use of your ProScript Connect PMR system

ProScript Connect users will benefit from their current system setup as MultEPoS uses the existing broadband line in your pharmacy, eliminating the need for a secondary line. This also means users can view the PMR at the till.


  • Automatic C&D product, barcode, and price updates reduce workload
  • Speedy transaction processing – optimising business flow
  • Integrated credit/debit card and contactless payment system (optional add on)
  • Revenue management and reporting
  • Optimise your stock holding - reporting provides valuable insight into fast/slow moving stock lines, allowing for better purchasing knowledge and reducing the accumulation of ‘dead’ stock.
  • Real time business intelligence - access to a wide variety of analytics reports, allowing your business to use its dispensing and retail data as a source of real time business intelligence. These reports allow for immediate access to a number of important metrics:
    • Best selling items
    • Best performing staff
    • Peak sales times
    • Best performing sales channels (promotions)

MultEPoS hardware


MultEPoS additional options



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