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BD Rowa Technologies

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

Deliver cost efficient prescription services and improve consultation in the pharmacy with integrated Rowa digital solutions from BD Technologies.

The pharmacy landscape is changing, so we have partnered with BD Rowa to provide you with fully integrated pharmacy automated dispensing.

Let BD Rowa Technologies support your transition into the world of the digital pharmacy with a networked portfolio of products: from in-store automation in the dispensary, to shop floor and shop window digital displays.

What are the benefits of dispensing automation?

  • Deliver cost-efficient prescription services.
  • Increase capacity in your store, release capital tied up in stock, and reduce wastage to near non-existent.
  • Improves consumer experience.
  • Opens up additional revenue streams.

Find Out More 

or call a BD Rowa Consultant:

Helene Fisher (England – North) 07813 455881

Tariq Hussain (England – South) 07973 308303

Karen McWilliam (Scotland) 07876 861754

Derek Clarke (Northern Ireland) +353 (87) 121 6375