NHS Dispensing Data demystified - see where you are and what you can do to improve your business.

Adhera is a comprehensive pharmacy reporting system that allows you to search, compare and create bespoke reports for all available NHS dispensing data at the click of a button.

The easy to use interface means in just a few seconds you can see how your pharmacy compares in terms of any of the below key performance indicators (where applicable):

  • Prescription forms and items - number of forms and items dispensed per month. Identifies breakdown of items between paper and EPS.
  • MURs and NMSs - number of MUR’s and NMS undertaken per month.
  • EPS Nominations - number of EPS nominations per week.
  • Flu vaccinations – number of flu vaccinations undertaken by season.
  • Potential market - shows market share the selected pharmacy has of total surgery scripts. It also highlights the potential market share which could be attained.
  • Market share - shows how much each surgery contributes to a selected pharmacy’s total dispensed scripts.

How can this data benefit my pharmacies?

Adhera gives you an incredible amount of knowledge and can help you pull together a SWOT analysis for your pharmacy, which as well as identifying your successes will help pinpoint areas for improvement.

  • Identify opportunities to increase script volumes

Total forms and items dispensed, along with specific surgery data gives you the knowledge as to how your pharmacy is performing on script numbers in respect to other pharmacies in your locality and gives you the insight as to where you can focus your resources to increase your market share.

  • Efficiently measure against your company targets

The ‘My Groups’ functionality is a great way to keep track of your group of pharmacies performance as a whole and efficiently measure against your performance targets. Once your groups are set up it’s just a simple click of a button and various KPI stats for multiple outlets are presented in tabular and graphical format.

When comparing your pharmacies it may become apparent a particular pharmacy isn’t undertaking as many MURs or NMSs when compared to your targets or another pharmacy in the group that is dispensing a similar number of scripts.

  • Identify opportunities in your locality

The ‘Compare List’ functionality can help identify areas where your pharmacy can improve performance in comparison to local competitors. You may find that you have one pharmacy that isn’t reaching the level of items dispensed you would expect when compared to similar pharmacies within your area.

Adhera gives you an opportunity to identify various areas for improvement and growth so you can put procedures in place to maximise your opportunities and improve your profitability levels.

Don’t forget Numark are here every step of the way. Whatever you need to tackle next, we will be able to help you along the way with our vast support and resources designed to ensure you make the most of every facet of your pharmacy business.

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Key features explained

  • Pharmacy Analysis

This gives you the opportunity to carry out a search of any individual pharmacy or surgery. Finding a pharmacy couldn’t be easier, simply search by pharmacy name, address, postcode and ODS code (Organisation Data Service code).

Once you have selected a pharmacy you will see lots of powerful statistics related to their performance such as items dispensed, flu vaccinations undertaken, MURs carried out and much more.

  • Surgery Data

You can either search a specific surgery or when you select a pharmacy you will be presented with data that tells you the surgeries that have contributed to the pharmacies dispensed scripts.

By clicking on a surgery you will then see a pie chart that illustrates the pharmacies that dispense the most items for the selected surgery. From this data you can see your competitor pharmacies in terms of competing for scripts from a particular surgery.

Simply click on any of these competitors to populate a graph that draws comparisons between the selected pharmacy and competitors in terms of other criteria such as MURs and EPS.

  • My Groups

This allows you to collate all your pharmacies into various groups to allow you to make comparisons quickly and easily.

Your data will be presented as below to clearly demonstrate areas where your pharmacies are performing well and potential areas for improvement.

My Groups Graph2

You can set up multiple groups to help you get the information and data that is valuable to you. For example, you could set up a group for all your pharmacies and then sub-groups for all your pharmacies in a certain area. See example below.

  • Compare Lists

For each of your pharmacies you can create a list of pharmacies that you wish to monitor, this is an ideal opportunity to keep close to how your competitors are performing in respect to main key performance indicators such as total items dispensed and total forms.

Compare List2


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Remember – add your pharmacies to ‘My Groups’ and create your organisation structure. Once set-up you can utilise the ‘My Groups’ feature to analyse and compare your pharmacies.

Get me started

You can get started right now. Simply follow the below steps:

  • Visit www.adheradata.co.uk
  • Select ‘Register’ from the top menu and follow the simple on screen instructions to create your account. You will need your Numark membership number for registration.
  • Start searching and comparing and discover the huge opportunities Adhera presents you with!

For a detailed step by step guide to getting started and making the most of Adhera, visit the ‘Help’ page accessible via the Adhera homepage.

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