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Numark and Phoenix Group company, NuCare, have partnered to offer you an exclusive Part IX Healthcare Partners Service designed to increase profitability, enhance cash flow and improved the experience for patients.

Did you know?

Members who participate in the scheme receive and average partnership payment of £1500[2] per year.

Whats the deal?

You will receive a payment of £2.40 per item[1] as well as your standard prescription dispensing fees on Part IX Drug Tariff items. You will also benefit from:

  • No cash outlay or clawback[3]
  • No stock wastage - only dispense what is required
  • Payments are in line with prevailing Drug Tariff fees
  • Fees paid by BACS directly into your nominated bank account
  • Free next day delivery[4]
  • NuCare spend counts towards your PHD spend
  • Free bags and wipes[5]
  • Expert product and clinical support
  • Free stoma customisation service
  • PHOENIX discounts apply on trade sales

How does it work?

Clean prescriptions containing no drug items are ordered from NuCare - products will be dispensed by NuCare and sent back to you for distribution to the patient. Simply send the prescriptions to NuCare free of charge[7] to qualify for your £2.40 payment[8] plus dispensing fees.

Mixed prescriptions containing both drugs and appliance products will qualify for discount through your PHOENIX trade account.

What to do next?

To start benefiting call 0800 028 3709 and quote your Numark membership number to set up your Healthcare Partners account.
Terms and conditions apply – please contact NuCare for details.


1 Qualifying items only ordered on your Healthcare Partners account on receipt of a valid prescription.
2 Data on file at Numark.
3 You will not be charged for stock ordered through your Healthcare Partners account.
4 Orders placed before your daily cut off time.
5 Qualifying items only as per prevailing Drug Tariff rate and status ordered on your Healthcare Partners account.
7 NuCare will provide you with freepost envelopes so you do not incur any additional mailing costs. Qualifying terms only ordered on your Healthcare Partners account on receipt of a valid prescription.
8 Qualifying items only ordered on your Partnership Account on receipt of a valid prescription.