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Reconnect with your patients

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Golden Tote will change the way you deal with prescriptions forever.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic will have no doubt highlighted the pressures faced by community pharmacies when patients need them most.

Business retention and reconnecting with patients has never been so important.

It is time for community pharmacies to stamp their authority as the destination for healthcare services. The nation, post COVID will have a ‘forever changed’ perception and respect of the clinical ability of each and every pharmacy across the country.

They will also be much more acutely aware of their own health needs and those of others. Now is the opportunity to diversify to remain relevant in healthcare beyond just prescriptions.

Golden Tote is an efficiency game changer.  It makes repeat dispensing a doddle.  Effortlessly integrating into day-to-day practice so you can take care of the things that really matter - engaging with your patients and delivering life saving support, advice and services at a time you're needed most.

Golden Tote takes care of the dispensing, so you can take care of your community. 

Our very first pilot site went live in April and we spoke to pharmacist Liz York about how Golden Tote revolutionised prescription assembly.  What resonated was when she said "I qualified as a pharmacist to take care of people". 

If, like Liz, you want to spend less time in the back and more time with your communities, Golden Tote is a game changer, a fundamental change in the dispensing model for decades. 

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