We’ve talked many times about the benefits Golden Tote can bring into your business, but let’s focus on the technology that sits behind it.

Golden Tote utilises bar code technology in a really intuitive and simple, but clever way. Scanning a barcode isn’t new, it’s been around for years. Software development and integration, combined with the technology sitting within the PHOENIX warehouse has led to the development of a really clever modular interface for Golden Tote. You now have a proposition that fundamentally and radically flips dispensing on its head.

The beauty of the digital advancements that sit behind Golden Tote lie both in its simplicity and also the way the bar code scanning technology semi-automates the dispensing process, without the pharmacy relinquishing any control of their prescription.

Essentially the tech does the hard work for you, what’s more, safety is improved as manual handling and checking is dramatically reduced. In fact, following results from our early adopter sites we have seen an 87% improvement in error quality – reason enough alone to consider embracing Golden Tote.

We often describe Golden Tote as a ‘pick to prescription’ model. What this essentially means is that the items are ordered for batches of incoming prescriptions, sent through to PHOENIX and items are picked and packed directly into the relevant tote – what we call the ‘Golden Tote’.

When the tote arrives at the pharmacy, bar code scanning technology kicks in and prescription items are picked directly from the tote and bagged ready for the patient to collect.

Stock holding is reduced on average by 45% and around 40 hours per week can be saved both in the pharmacist’s time and that of the pharmacy team. This time can then be repurposed to identify ways of achieving growth, whether that be through delivering services or conducting a full review of operational capabilities of your business.

With Numark you can trust and embrace digital, the hardest part is taking that first step but we are here to support you on that journey. It has never been more important to seek out ways to free time, realise operational efficiencies that drive a reduction in cost to enable you reinvest in the future of your pharmacy business.

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