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Kick start your year with Golden Tote

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As 2020 only too harshly brought into focus, the immense pressures associated with running a pharmacy business are significant and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times.

As part of your Numark membership, we are committed to providing access to market leading solutions designed to help relieve the immense strain on your resources.

Many pharmacy processes including the prescription assembly process, haven’t changed for decades and the time and resource involved in dispensing can often monopolise your day.

It is becoming increasingly important to identify efficiencies in process that will give you valuable time back.

Additionally, the well publicised funding cuts have had a significant impact and there is less reimbursement for dispensing medicines, yet pharmacies are still dispensing a similar volume of items and prescription volumes continue to grow. Providing care through specific pharmacy services is high on the NHS agenda to prevent illness or conditions getting worse and the Government are prepared to remunerate for services that achieve exactly that.

Introducing Golden Tote

It’s always been hard to find the balance between patient care, efficiency, profit and growth. Golden Tote offers you a groundbreaking opportunity to dispense medication faster, for less money and frees up your time to concentrate on services which will ultimately bring growth and stability for your business.

Golden Tote is a market leading dispensary management system that will revolutionise your prescription assembly process.

Working in partnership with EMIS, the Golden Tote technology integrates seamlessly into your existing PMR delivering a market leading solution that increases efficiencies, improves patient safety and will reduce your stockholding of dispensary lines.

Simply Genius

The beauty of Golden Tote is its simplicity. The infrastructure to help deliver this solution has taken many years of investment and development.

The journey starts with the order.

  • Orders are placed via PHOENIX for batches of prescriptions you receive.
  • Items are flagged as Golden Tote items and at this point the accuracy and clinical check is done by the pharmacist.
  • Once complete your order is sent in the usual way.
  • At PHOENIX the order is picked and packed into the tote box.
  • Your tote will contain to multiple patient’s prescription items.
  • When your tote arrives, it is scanned which opens the Golden Tote functionality on your PMR.
  • Each patient is identified with a number which can be placed on a series of baskets.
  • You then scan the items at random and the system will tell you which patient they belong to.
  • Any local items such as fridge lines or CDs are added, then the baskets are bagged and ready to go.

Golden Tote Pharmacy Process

Less stock, safer, more efficient

Through the use of bar code technology, prescription assembly is much less open to human error making the whole process from start to finish safer. What’s more, stock holding is significantly reduced as the prescription is assembled directly from the tote. How many times do you walk into your dispensary and see all that stock sitting on your shelves? This stock is tying up money that could be freed up to enable you to invest in your business.

The clinical and accuracy checks are all done up front which releases the pharmacist from any other part of the process, meaning prescription assembly can quickly and confidently be handed over to a team member.

Imagine a world where your day is no longer tied up with dispensing and worrying about errors. Where you can confidently hand over the process to your team and start to focus on income related opportunities and patient centred care.

Golden Tote has the power to release you from the dispensary bench, allowing you to concentrate on developing and delivering services that will help drive commercial opportunities now and long into the future.

It’s clear to see the benefits of Golden Tote; it’s time to bring dispensing into the 21st century.

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