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Introducing Golden Tote

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Centralised automated dispensing is vastly more efficient than assembly at a local level.

For independent pharmacists to achieve this however, the technology requires significant investment, and in these times of austerity, investment well beyond the means of many.

We have partnered with EMIS, the UK’s largest PMR provider to harness the logic of the off-site dispensing facility which launched in PHOENIX last August. Utilising this advance technology we have developed a solution which will radically improves the dispensing process for Numark members.

Safer, less stock, more efficient

Golden Tote is essentially an automated, repeat prescription process which is accessible through existing EMIS PMR. It has been proven to increase safety, improve efficiencies in dispensing and is easy to use. Critically, it significantly reduces the amount of time involved in the direct assembley process from checking off and putting orders away.

Utilising barcode scanning technology, the ‘pick to prescription’ application allows for seamless prescription assembly direct from the PHOENIX tote. This completely eliminates the need to double handle stock from totes, saving precious time from checking off invoices, putting orders away, multiple times a day, in addition to significantly reducing the requirement for all the peripheral stock management tasks such as stock rotation and date checking.

Golden Tote has the power to release you from the dispensary bench, allowing you to concentrate on developing and delivering services that will help drive commercial opportunities now and long into the future.

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