One of the many benefits of being part of PHOENIX means we are able to tap into the investments they are making as part of their growth strategy and widen opportunities for our membership.

Golden Tote is one such opportunity, harnessing bar code scanning technology and the infrastructure of centralised dispensing to deliver a solution that is the first of its kind within the market place.

Golden Tote will change the way you deal with dispensing repeat prescriptions forever. It makes prescription assembly a doddle, effortlessly integrating with your pharmacy so you can get back to supporting those that matter most, the people within your community.

Focus your efforts where they count

Utilising bar code technology Golden Tote gives you the confidence to move away from the grind of the current dispensing model and allows you focus your efforts where they count, delivering exceptional patient care. In a recent study conducted by PAGB*, one in three people are now more likely to visit a pharmacy for advice before seeking help elsewhere.

This presents a key opportunity for pharmacy teams to reconnect with patients, but this can only be done if the pressures associated with the dispensing process can be relinquished. Add to this the responsibilities of phase 2 of PQS and it becomes even more important to seek out efficiencies wherever possible.

Golden Tote delivers those efficiencies. It puts time back in your day, releasing the pharmacist from the dispensary bench and cuts out a number of existing processes that are no longer required.

How Golden Tote works

The beauty of Golden Tote is that repeat prescription items are ordered from PHOENIX in batches of prescriptions, we call this ‘pick to prescription’. This simply means that the software which sits seamlessly on ProScript, identifies Golden Tote items and picks to a tote at the warehouse.

This tote is labelled with a bar code that is unique to multiple patients’ prescriptions. Once the tote arrives, it is scanned and this opens up the GT functionality and all patients and prescription items are identified. Labels are printed per patient and adhered to a series of baskets, one basket per patient. The items are then scanned from tote to basket until the prescriptions are complete; they are then bagged directly from the basket and dispensed. It’s so simple.

No more stock rotation, date checking, reconciliation. No more scripts piling up in the dispensary at the end of the day for that final check. How many of you are still sat in the dispensary long past the working day catching up on a never-ending list of tasks?

Game changing technology

Golden Tote is a game changer. It brings dispensing into the 21st century; this is long overdue. When you consider the developments of eras gone by, how technology has moved on, it’s staggering to think that the dispensing process hasn’t changed for the best part of 40 years.

We’re proud to be able to deliver a solution that is light years ahead of any other systems in the market place. We’ve piloted the software and infrastructure to ensure the system was pressure tested to enable us to confidently on-board the wider membership.

Golden Tote is safer, it’s stock-less and much more efficient versus the traditional model. The feedback from our pilot site in Tenbury
is a clear testament to the many benefits realised by introducing a solution that will revolutionise dispensing forever.

“The dispensing process hasn’t changed for years, Golden Tote is so much more efficient and time saving; it gives us peace of mind.

“Everybody makes errors and because I could see the bar code technology was reducing those errors, this process is very freeing.

“Because you’ve done the clinical check up front you don’t actually ever have to hold that product in your hand again, you are relying on the bar code technology to do all that work for you.

“I’m getting worried that we’re too quiet, but it’s because the work is so easily managed. The figures are there, it’s just that I’m not
seeing the volume of work I did before.

“You have to go backwards to realise how good Golden Tote is, for a week we had to go back to the old fashioned process and it was painful. Why do we have to get products out of the tote and put them on the shelf only having to take if off the shelf again; what a waste of time.

“Golden Tote gives us time. We have more freedom to spend in the front of shop to support our patients.”

Liz York – Pharmacist

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