The Branch Calendar feature through PharmAssist offers another way for you to ensure you have complete control over your purchasing whilst adding time back into your day.

Within PharmAssist you have access to your full list of suppliers you have loaded into your cascade. From here you have the ability to turn any suppliers on or off for a particular day, for multiple days of the week or for a longer period of time.

This feature is particularly useful where you have suppliers that don’t deliver on a certain day of the week. For example if you have a supplier that doesn’t deliver on a Saturday you can turn off ordering for the Friday, therefore ensuring all orders go to an alternative supplier
that can deliver on a Saturday.

In short, the Branch Calendar will help ensure continuity of supply and allow you to manage your customers’ expectations of when they can collect any owings.

Where can I set up a Manufacturer Supplier preference?

  • Login to
  • Click ‘View your control panel’ in top right of home page
  • Click ‘Go to PharmAssist software’ panel on left of page
  • Scroll down the page until you see Branch Supplier Calendar
  • Start setting up your Branch Calendar!

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