Q. Do prescriptions for sildenafil need to be endorsed with SLS?

A. The department of health (DH) has removed prescribing restrictions for generic sildenafil. Sildenafil is no longer on the Selected List Scheme (SLS) and so it can be prescribed on the NHS for any licensed indication, not purely for erectile dysfunction in men.

The prescription does not need to be endorsed by the prescriber with ‘SLS’ (or equivalent endorsement) in order to ensure payment to the pharmacy.

However the brand Viagra has been added to the SLS list. Prescriptions for this items must be endorsed ‘SLS’.

The change has been implemented to reflect the fall in price of the generic versions since Viagra came off patent last year.

Other generic drugs for that have had prescribing restrictions removed are apomorphine, moxisylyte and thymoxamine.

Avanafil, a new phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor has been added to the SLS.

The SLS list is found in Part XVIIIB of the England and Wales tariff, Part 12 of the Scotland tariff and Part 11(b) of the Northern Ireland tariff. It comprises drugs that can only be prescribed in certain circumstances - for specified medical conditions and patients.

The August 2014 tariffs do not include these changes but will be updated in due course, according to PSNC.

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