Q. I have a prescription for Prosource Jelly, orange flavour, quantity 21 x 118ml. They come in packs of 36. Can I claim broken bulk on this item?

A. Prosource Jelly, orange and fruit flavours, are listed on the ACBS list of the borderline substances section of the drug tariff.

Broken bulk can be claimed for items in the ACBS list and so a claim for broken bulk can be made against this script.

The broken bulk rule enables pharmacies to claim for a complete pack where they have only dispensed a part pack and they are unlikely to dispense the rest within six months.

Prosource Jelly is listed in the following sections of the Drug Tariff:

England & Wales XV Borderline Substance.

Northern Ireland Borderline Substances.

The Scottish Drug Tariff does not have ACBS list, however Prosource is not listed in their Schedule 1 Black List so it would be allowed and broken bulk can be claimed.

Look at our previous Broken-bulk Tariff Tip for more information about when you can claim.

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