Q. The prescriber has made a handwritten amendment to an ETP dispensing token, can this prescription be submitted for payment?

A. Electronic messages cannot be amended by the prescriber. The prescription needs to be cancelled and a new one issued. Amendments to dispensing tokens will not be processed. Where a barcoded paper FP10 is amended by the prescriber this can be submitted in place of the electronic message.

Take a look at the examples below to help clarify any issues you may have.

EPS 2 Electronic Prescription

  1. The Electronic Message is the LEGAL entity.
  2. Amendments to the Paper Token will NOT be processed.
  3. The prescriber must be contacted to cancel the electronic message and re-issue the correct item.






Standard Paper FP10

  1. Paper copy is the LEGAL entity. 
  2. Handwritten amendments are allowed by the doctor.
  3. Once amended this prescription form needs to be placed within the red separator.







Barcoded FP10

  1. The paper form and matching electronic message are both the LEGAL entities.
  2. Handwritten amendments to the paper copy by the prescriber are allowed. 
  3. The electronic message should not be finalised as it cannot be amended. 
  4. The paper form once amended should be submitted in the red separator.