Q. I have an EPS script for an oral contraceptive. The GP has not indicated 'CC' in the prescriber endorsement field but has typed 'for contraceptive purposes' in the directions. Will this electronic prescription be considered exempt from charges?

A.  No charge will be deducted by NHSBSA for any product that is listed in the “No Charge Contraceptives” section of the drug tariff or for any contraceptive devices, such as spermicidal gels, listed in the appliances section.

No prescriber endorsement is required as these items are automatically exempt from charges.

However, for any product not listed in the above tariff sections but being used for contraceptive purposes, the prescriber must endorse 'CC' in the prescriber field.

An example would be a prescription for co-cyprindiol (eg Dianette®). The electronic prescription would not be considered exempt without this endorsement and a prescription charge will be deducted from your monthly payment.  

Pharmacists are advised to return the prescription to the NHS spine and get the prescriber to include ‘CC’ in the endorsement field.