Q: I have received a prescription for Chloramphenicol 0.5% eye drops 10ml and AutoDrop from an Optometrist Independent Prescriber. Am I allowed to dispense it? Will I get reimbursed?

A: You will be able to dispense the chloramphenicol eye drops but not the AutoDrop.

There are two types of optometrist prescriber; independent and supplementary. Not all optometrists are authorised to prescribe, additional training is required. Prescribing status will be annotated on the professional register:

Pharmacists should confirm that the prescription has been issued by an independent prescribing optometrist. If they do not appear on the register or you are uncertain as to the optometrist’s status you can also call 020 7580 3898 (Option 1).

Once you have ascertained the prescription has been legally issued you need to consider the items on the prescription.

Chloramphenical 0.5% 10ml eye drops can be dispensed as optometrists can prescribe a licensed medicine for any condition that affects the eye or surrounding tissues.

Optometrist Independent Prescribers can only prescribe treatments for conditions relevant to their area of professional practice. They cannot prescribe controlled drugs.

AutoDrop ® is CE marked, making it a medical device or appliance. It is not listed in the appliance sections of the Drug Tariff so the pharmacy would not get reimbursed for dispensing this item.

The pharmacy can suggest an alternative dispenser such as Opticare Arthro 10, or compLEye which are both listed in part IXA of the England & Wales tariff and Part III in Northern Ireland and Scotland tariffs.

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