Olive Oil Ear Drops

Q: I have a prescription for Olive Oil Ear drops 15ml, will I be reimbursed for supplying the Numark brand?

A: Olive Oil Ear Drops are classed as an appliance so therefore they need to be listed in the relevant tariff to be prescribed and remunerated in the community.

For this prescription any of the 15ml sizes listed in the relevant Drug Tariff can be chosen and supplied including the Numark brand.

Prescriptions written generically must be endorsed with the pack size, manufacturer and price to ensure accurate remuneration. The brands of olive oil ear drops currently listed in the individual tariffs are shown in the table below.

Generic Description - Ear Softening Wax Medical Devices

Ear Drops – Olive Oil

Brand Nov-16  Tariff and Part  
Product Size Cost Eng/Wales DT IXA N/Ireland iii Scotland Part 3
Alissa Healthcare Olive Oil 10ml £1.42 YES YES YES
Arjun 10ml £1.26 YES YES YES
Care (Thornton & Ross) 10ml £1.42 YES YES YES
Numark 15ml 92p YES YES YES
Oleax 15ml £1.40 YES YES YES
Sai-Meds Ltd 10ml £1.35 YES YES YES
St Georges Medical Ltd  10ml £1.40 YES YES YES
20ml £2.70 YES YES YES

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