Q. A patient has requested a NHS receipt for payment of a prescription item. They have applied for a medical certificate and have stated it will arrive back dated. Is this true?

A. Yes this is correct in most circumstances.

Doctors are asked to advise patients of their medical exemption entitlement once the relevant diagnosis has been made. Patients should then be given a FP92A application form. 

Once the application is processed at NHSBSA the Exemption Certificate is backdated one month prior to the date on which the application was received. 

If patients are waiting for their exemption certificate to arrive they should be offered an NHS receipt (FP57 claim form) when they pay for their prescription charge.

It is important to note that the exemption certificate does not just cover the medical condition listed on the FP92A but all NHS prescription items.

The prescription charge can be refunded at any pharmacy when the FP57 receipt is presented alongside a valid medical exemption card. The date of dispensing must be covered by the validity period on the card.

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