There is now a licensed version of acetylcysteine 200mg. They are available as sachets in packs of 30.

This was added to the England and Wales Drug Tariff. Acetylcysteine 200mg sachets are available from Colonis Pharma Ltd.

Colonis have been able to confirm with the MHRA that the ‘licensed product appears to be interchangeable and equivalent to the unlicensed granule sachets’.

So unless there is a clinical need from the prescriber to give the unlicensed version you should follow the MHRA guidance note of May 2014 ‘an unlicensed medicinal product should not be supplied where an equivalent licensed medicinal product can meet the special needs of the patient’

Ordering codes

Ordering Codes with Pip Code  PHD121-4733

Further information can be obtained by emailing or calling 01892 739403.

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