Q: How do I claim the grant for my Pre registration student in England?

A: The Pre-Registration Training Grant is currently set at £18,440 per year (June 2021) for England and Wales.

The process for applying for the grant is detailed in the England and Wales Drug Tariff:

Pharmacy contractors who have undertaken to provide pre-registration training should submit a claim to the NHSCB for England and LHB for Wales at the start of the training period. The NHSCB for England and LHBs for Wales will arrange for the payment to be made monthly in arrears. Contractors MUST notify the NHSCB for England and LHB for Wales immediately in writing if the arrangement to provide pre-registration training ceases.’

The first point of contact for contractors experiencing issues with claiming the training grant should be the local NHS England Team or LHB as these teams are responsible for instructing NHS prescription services to make payments for pre-registration training.  

For Northern Ireland and Scotland information regarding funding for pre-registration training you can visit the websites, BSO Northern Ireland and NES Scotland.

Further Information on training for pharmacy staff is available on NumarkNet.

To advertise a pre-registration placement or to see current pre-registration vacancies see the Numark Jobs Board.

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