Q: FreeStyle Libre Sensor system was added to the Drug Tariff in November 2017 but my order system will not let me order it. Why?

A: The Numark Information Services team has had numerous calls regarding the FreeStyle Libre Sensor system from contractors asking why their computer system does not let them order it and also whether they can order the system from their wholesalers.

Abbot UK ,the manufacturers of the FreeStyle Libre Sensor system, have advised Numark Information Services that the product is only available for order through the Abbott UK website and that the product will not be available to order through pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Pharmacy contractors, or their patients, can order the FreeStyle Libre Sensor system and replacement sensors directly from the manufacturer by following a simple two stage process:

Stage 1: Register on www.freestylediabetes.co.uk/pharmacy, once the account has been approved the pharmacy will receive a confirmation email (Abbot advise that this can take up to 24 hours).

Stage 2: Order FreeStyle Libre system and/ or sensors. Orders will usually be delivered on the next working day.

If contractors require assistance in creating an account or placing an order they should contact Abbott on:


Pharmacy contractors or patients experiencing difficulty with ordering the FreeStyle Sensor Libre system can contact the Abbot UK Customer Careline on 0800 170 1177.

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