Tariff Tip: Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets

Q. I am unable to source fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets at tariff prices – what should I do?

A. Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets were historically available as Florinef 100microgram tablets. This product has now been debranded by the manufacturer and stock is no longer available.

However, the drug tariff reimbursement price for generic ‘Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets’ remains based on the price of Florinef and there is a significant difference between that and the price of the generic.

In order to ensure that you are reimbursed correctly for dispensing the generic product, the prescription must be written as follows:

“Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets (Aspen Pharma Trading Ltd)”

The description ‘Aspen Pharma Trading Ltd’ identifies it as a distinct product outside of the drug tariff.

The GP endorsement of the manufacturer guarantees payment at the NHS list price, however the prescription should also be endorsed with the manufacturer, pack size and price paid.

Prescriptions with hand-written amendments need to be submitted within the red separators or otherwise separated for manual pricing.

Prescriptions without the manufacturer endorsement will be reimbursed at the lower price unless a price concession is approved by the Department of Health.

As Listed in England & Wales & Northern Ireland Tariff Dictionary of Medicines and Devices Listing Dictionary of Medicines and Devices Listed products Pack size & Price
 Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets Florinef 100microgram tablets Florinef 100microgram tablets 100pk £5.05
 Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets (Aspen Pharma Trading Ltd) Fludrocortisone 100microgram tablets (Aspen Pharma Trading Ltd) 100pk £12.00

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