Q: I have received a prescription for Fleet ready to use 133ml enema and my wholesaler has sent Cleen Ready-to-Use 21.4g/9.4g enema. Are they the same product?

A: Fleet Ready-to-Use enema was rebranded in June 2016 as Cleen Ready-to-Use 21.4g/9.4g enema.

The manufacturers, Casen Recordati, have advised Numark Information Services that the formulation has not changed and with the exception of the name the two products are identical.

Contractors will NOT be reimbursed for supplying “Cleen” enema where the prescription orders ‘Fleet’, to ensure accurate remuneration the prescription would need to be changed to read ‘Cleen’.

The prescription should be endorsed with the manufacturer, price and pack size as the pricing authority currently only list the price for Fleet (Casen Recordati).

Casen Recordati has advised that they will be issuing an official letter explaining the name change that will be circulated to all pharmacies and hospitals.

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