Tariff Tip: Flax Seed Oil Capsules

Q: I have received a hospital prescription for flax seed oil capsules 1g. Am I allowed to dispense it? Will I get reimbursed?

A: Yes it would be allowed on an NHS prescription as it falls within the following guidelines:

Products such as Flax Seed oil, cod liver oil, colecalciferol, vitamin E products (as examples) are all classed as nutritional supplements which are allowed on NHS prescription provided that the generic description is not blacklisted in:

  • Part XVIIIA England and Wales
  • Schedule 1 Scotland
  • Part XI(A) Northern Ireland

If a specific brand is prescribed then you must also check the brand is not blacklisted.

The pharmacy would be reimbursed for the NHS listed price (found in the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices) or if not listed, the manufacturer’s price and quantity endorsed by the pharmacy

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