Q: I have received a prescription for ‘flat bed knee cap class II’. Is this allowed on prescription and if so, which products meet the Drug Tariff description?

A: Class II and also Class III compression kneecaps are listed in the Appliances section of all UK Drug tariffs alongside the more standard elastic hosiery products.

The following brands of knee caps are available in different sizes and shades:

Generic listing DM+d Listing in Drug Tariff Example of Brands Listed on Dm+d
Compression hosiery class II kneecap circular knit standard stock size Circular Activa class II kneecap circular knit standard stock size (Activa Healthcare Ltd)
Compression hosiery class II kneecap flatbed knit standard stock size Flat Bed Credalast Flatbed Knit class II cotton kneecap standard stock size (Credenhill Ltd)
Compression hosiery class II kneecap net made to measure Net Eesinet standard class II kneecap made to measure (E Sallis Ltd)

Remember to endorse your prescriptions with the style e.g. circular knit, flatbed cotton, or elastic net.

These products can all be ordered through NuCare by calling 0800 169 1928. If the patient has to pay for their prescriptions there would be one prescription charge per item.

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