Q. I have received a prescription for Eppinix XL® and I cannot find it on my PMR system any more, has it been discontinued?

A: Eppinix XL® has been rebranded as Ipinnia XL®. The generic drug name is ropinirole.

The manufacturers, Ethypharm UK Ltd, have informed Numark Information Services that the formulation of the product has not changed and the products can consequently be used interchangeably.

The only changes are the product name and the manufacturer’s details; the DB Ashbourne company logo has been replaced by the Ethypharm company logo.

Contractors will NOT be reimbursed for supplying “Ipinnia XL®” where the prescription orders ‘Eppinix XL®’, to ensure accurate remuneration the prescriptions requesting Eppinix XL would need to be changed to read ‘Ipinnia XL®’.

Prescriptions requesting Ipinnia XL should be endorsed with the manufacturer, price and pack size to ensure accurate remuneration.

Ethypharm have advised that an official letter explaining the name change has been circulated to pharmacies and doctors.

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